Project Status Report Template in Excel

Project Status report template in excel format helps project managers to explain current project progress to top management and stakeholders.

For the proper invasion of targets and achieving milestones successfully, it is extremely necessary to hold a debut position while taking care of project aspects. Taking into account all the major and minor conduction which may bring any severe or minor change in the workflow would ultimately count at the day’s end.

If a decision doesn’t carry any instant effect on the working and outcomes, it may lead the processes to a later change process.

But assuring efficiency and effective planning always brings the best success package. In today’s project management world, hundreds and thousands of different mega projects and mega business operations are going on every hour.

All these operations are going smoothly just because of a back-head planning board that plans every step and every minute of the tenure during which, employees claim working.

As defying the roles of project managers and supervisors, it is extremely important to narrate the project status in the most simplified and brief form which may give the whole impact of working in one glance at the status parameters.

For this very purpose, most project managers mostly use project management tools specially customized for the project status evaluation and instant glance to know where the whole project stands, follow the instructed guidelines, and perform the deliverable activities.

Project Status Report in Project Management

Microsoft Project Status Report Template

Project management is based on the initial planning and on-date induction of steps, including the conclusion and instant evaluation of processes as well. Further, this planning involves the best carriage of work by the most suitable task force in the whole organization and making sure that the most efficient and brilliant group is going to own the milestone achievement.

Therefore, project managers are more focused on the evaluation of the employees if they are consistently following the guidelines and given policies of the planning board or not.

Project Management dashboards are fairly objected with the existing condition of the project and the provided reports about the progress and status of the project, including all the measuring parameters of performance and other aspects quite relevant to the project and its successful accomplishment.

This activity is the pulp job of project managers, using various tools and technologies, they keep an eye on the continuous progress of projects and monitor the work stream with the best strategy. In case they find any rupture in the policy, everything is settled on the practical ground.

Download: Project Plan Templates

Key Elements of Project Status Report Template

Project Status Report Template in Excel

Make sure all the following are included in this report;

  • Project Name/Client Name
  • Project Vision/Mission/Goals
  • Project Health
  • Tasks list/Accomplished Task list
  • Outstanding tasks/Pending
  • Issues/Risks/Roadblocks
  • Upcoming Tasks
  • Milestones

For professional project report writing, you have to check several times before submitting it. Make sure your report is error-free and according to the statistical data.

Notably, you are able to always check the planned and actual value of the project, furthermore, any deliverables and plans are available for the project as well.

The template is ready to use, yet you are free to share any views. In case, you need an overview, you can see the performance of team members and set out bonuses and rewards as well. Download it with one click and start using it right away.

How to Create Status Report Template?

A project status report is not a difficult task, all is we need the latest data on the project. Below there are some guidelines that will help you to write a professional status report;

Project Information

Write down a brief introduction of the project i.e; project manager name, program name, project id, project description, starting date, project sponsors, phase, and project repository. This information is essential for project Identification, make sure to make it error-free.

Project Status Summary

Now, in this step, we write the latest updates on the project. It has 5 points that must be covered.

  • Overall Project Status: – in this section, we indicate with an alphabet (G for growing, P for in-progress, S for Stop) or we can use colors (Green for Good, Yellow for progress, Red for Risk) that show either project is complete, in progress, or stop due to any reason.
  • Scope: – In this section, we indicate whether our project is going on according to its scope or not. For this purpose, we can use the color scheme that we already set.
  • Resources: – This section indicates how many resources have been utilized or are being utilized and how much is left or needed.
  • Schedule: – This very important part of project reporting. Because our whole project lying on it. The schedule section shows whether our project is running according to our purposed schedule or not.
  • Quality: – In the quality section, we write about the overall project quality analysis of our project. That shows either our project can full fill quality assurance test or not.
  • Project Status Summary: – In this section, we write down a brief summary of the overall project progress and its current status. This is the actual report on the project that we forward to top management for review.

After reviewing project reporting, top management decides how they can change or edit their project plan to meet their required outcomes.

Project Management Templates for Project Reporting

Project Management templates carry various sections based on the project milestone classification, where timely information updates keep a balanced gradation in the field circumstances shown in the templates.

Review: Project Reporting Templates

This status report template is based on various types of graphical comparisons and other marks which tell the instant position of the project and its further aspect which require special attention to be catered.

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