Project Portfolio Dashboard Template and Software Excel

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Whenever large projects are executed or put to work on, a highly demonstrating and responsible planning team is behind planning each and every second of the project tenure. Portfolio Dashboard are use to make a descriptive briefing of project or business. And for this purpose there is different excel template can be used. They plan the most feasible set of task forces and devise them with various suitable and approachable task set. When completed with a major integrated unit of a project, a milestone is said to be achieved. At the competition of all milestones, it is mandatory to take a look and reward the working team with remarks about their performance and efficiency plan.

For whole this reason, it is always important to have a precisely formed and complete detailed project dashboard of the project working in front of you, especially when you are the project manager. A presentable form of work is always best suit to be suggested as the project portfolio of work and it shows the practical worth of the planning and its outcome. Portfolios are always meant to set an example of how barely excellence could be achieved by a working team, deploying all the stages according to their planning.

Excel project Portfolio Making Template

project dashboard template and software


Use of technology has penetrated in almost all the field of life and especially when it comes to the most gravy activity that is management of general life operations based on the skills and experiences of the planning managers and project managers. These people use various technology steps to accumulate the whole work in a planned form and then releasing bits of work to the most refined teams prepared for it. Once the whole task is assigned to a group, a manager is fully responsible to monitor, evaluate their performance and take any decision broadly in the favor of company and project.

A manager when takes the duty to summon the successful accomplishment of project, no matter what is the magnitude of tasks, he may use various tools and technologies to gain more precision and accuracy in his field. This relevance operates the systematic betterment in the decisions and policy making by the time, as they seek the worst and good impacts of different decisions and strategies of working.

This urges them to categorize their work in a dashboard profile which is readily presentable at any stage when concerned bodies refer its depiction. A portfolio dashboard is a detailed sectional chart that carries all types’ activities going under a project and their all relevant and feasible aspects in detail. This ensures the complete instant check of performance and other working parameters to be on board.

project dashboard template and softwareGAP analysis template
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Excel Template

These templates readily available for this purpose are quite handy and easily understandable; Project Portfolio Dashboard Template is accustomed template which can be altered according to the requirements of project. Putting the standard information in the boxes would ultimately lead to a concluded outcome that project. Paraphrasing the whole set of performance statistics, simply elaborates the instant condition of project.


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