Project management is a fast growing field. It gives potential for career leading and managing projects. To gain the knowledge what you need is not so easy or affordable. But here is a way to help you for the tour of project management by some PM courses and training’s.

EDX is the largest MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platform that offers you many different project management (PM) courses and certifications. You can pick any individual course at no cost, and often courses of them can be accredited with EDX credential.

Introductory project management courses

In this program, we learn how to use project management skills for better outcomes profitably.

Big data capstone project: This course based on method and theory from the four courses in Big Data Micro Masters syllabus to a medium-scale data Hierarchy of project.

Communication skills and team work: This course includes the writing and presentation skills for your career that, helps us how to present a project progress report.

Six sigma:  This programs teach us how we provide the process improvement on basis of defines and measure phases on the bases of running project progress.

Optimization Methods for Business Analytics: From this professional training we learns, how we can use the paths of optimization methodologies and modeling strategies to analyze data.

Agile Software Development – it works with the fundamental agile concepts to improve your software development skills.