Bank Reconciliation statement is more protective in nature which states the reason for every single mismatch in the figures and also tells the detailed methodology on template about adjusting these figures in the records. Stating out the complete history of every bank transaction and parallel record about where money was sent or transferred, reconciliation statement also clarifies the field adaptation which may cause the record mismatch between banks and business.

Today, the recent most business culture is growing with the privilege of safest technologies and safest mode of working that involves no ruptures, confusions, misunderstandings and misconceptions about how catering things.  Similar genre of monitoring goes for the financial management which is one of the most key management at any corporate setup. Project management is the key management for controlling the processes and running the businesses and project smoothly with the smooth cash flow which is the actual bases of working. In today’s business culture, most companies prefer conducting their financial transactions through banks, infect every large and small business operates its financial management through banks, deploying the extra responsibility of maintaining financial records at banks.

How Bank Reconciliation Statement Template Works

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Banks deal in the cash keeping, cash transfer and cash record holding through their financial database, which is called as the personal bank statement of any account. When done with the planning of any transactions, cheques are issue to transfer money. These cheques are the safe source of money handling extendedly they are useful in keeping a track of how and where money was allocated. Banks maintain the complete history of transactions from any of their account and it helps in categorizing the clients for further promotions. Banks are very keen about knowing various trends of transactions and money adding in any account in their data base. The similar activity is parched at the personal accounts in the offices where business’s cash book contains the information about when and where the money was allotted to whom. This record is similar to that of bank but is less authenticated because there are some typical reasons of figure mismatch. To avoid such problems of dual figure and statistical mismatch, banks prefer to reconcile their record with the personally maintained record at the business site. On annual bases, clients are called at banks and their complete record is presented to fade out any confusion between the records at banks and office.

Reasons for Mismatch of Reconciliation Statement

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There are several reasons which may acquire the necessity of creating a bank statement. But now this is a common practice to hold this record configuration by the banks at the end of financial year. A complete record file is send to the clients so that they could figure out the possible reason of account disorder. Following are some of the reason for account disorder which these reconciliation statements rectify by the time.

  • Not-sufficient fund rejection of check which hold the credited amount in business records where as the bank doesn’t issue the amount
  • Hidden and monitory services charges which sometimes lag in business accounts

Formulation process which is not as precise as business record as it is in banks.