Daily Staff Attendance Record Template

For maintaining proper attendance records of the daily staff in the company office or any other workplace, daily attendance records can be created using attendance templates.

These templates are based on plain Excel spreadsheets, with blocks containing individual staff members and their daily presence or absentee mark.

With an ordered arrangement of bulk attendance, it is not much tough to interpret the monthly record of any employee and proceed according to policies. It is quite lousy and agitating to record the attendance of hundreds of individuals daily with pen and paper.

With the digitization phase of all professional records and routine documentation, it is necessary to implement similar intelligent and automated systems to create daily records. Hence, daily staff attendance is sort of the best option. They don’t put much burden on the person sitting on the seat for the control process.

You just need to open the template draft each day and mark the attendance in relevant boxes and all the collective results will be calculated by the template itself. You can check how many staff members are absent today or how many got late entrance.

Format of Daily Staff Attendance Templates

Daily Staff Attendance Record Templates

All that you need to put in is the row containing all working days, a list of deployed staff on any particular task, project, department, or phase of the working. You can arrange this data in multiple orientations however the simple categorical listing is the easiest one.

You can place similar ranks in one category and also arrange according to hierarchy. We have listed a couple of important points regarding the generic format. You should keep these points in account;

  • Write the name of the company, institute, or whatever workplace
  • Make simple categories, columns, or lists of employees in different departments
  • You can either select projects or tasks as areas of sorting
  • Once you list down employees according to ranks or hierarchy, write down all working days of the week in the top row
  • In front of each coinciding box, mark the attendance of a particular employee
  • You can also write further information such as exact time of entrance, total absentees count

These are a few primary steps that you should keep in view while creating this document.

MS Office Attendance Record Templates

Instead of accompanying a bulk record of attendance for the whole month, you can choose a better and smarter way. MS Office attendance record templates are finely created to support this hectic task with excessive workload. Once created with a standard layout there is no need to recreate this draft every second day.   

Also, there is a range of fonts, colors, and styling options that let you distinguish different parts of the sheet such as individual days, particular dates, weekends, and much more. These templates avoid much of your time consumption and make your task of attendance marking quite simpler.

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