Earned Value Analysis Template Excel

Now you can evaluate the projected growth by using Earned Value Analysis Template excel. To make it accurate and easy, here is an analysis template, available in the excel tool.

This key concept is part of all types of trade-in places. Moreover, you can create a smart budget and make the analysis of the project easy as well. First and foremost, the role of managers is to access their project health. Now verify the present value of your project wholly.

Top management can see how the project has gone so far using this sheet. Particularly, simply comparing the cost is not the ideal way.

To get the entire picture of your plan, you need to have the proper data. The fact that, how leaders are performing, can also easily be seen using earned value process.

Earned Value Analysis Layout

In order to cover all the indicators, this sheet is useful. Here is the format of the template available:

Earned Value Analysis Template

It shows project progress for the whole of the project.

  • To illustrate, there are various indicators in the sheet, to show the performance.
  • To save you time, you just need to enter the basic data in this ready-to-use sheet.
  • You can now even use it in the meetings or share it with your team for discussion.

Look out for schedule performance indicator

  • A sort of Gantt chart. You are now able to see which of your tasks are on time.
  • To illustrate, planned schedule days and time is available n the sheet as well.
  • Some of the main parts of the sheet include: “budgeted time”, “actual time”, “cumulative”, “total goals”, “and completed goals”.

Saves your time

  • No need to make a sheet each time, as long as this is available.
  • Moreover, it is easy to use online or offline.

Earned value analysis calculator in excel

Now you can see, That whether you are over or under the plan for your project using this calculator. Similarly, it generates various charts, automatically, which show you all the vital data.

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