Free Strategic Plan Template

Ensure high level communications and engagement strategy with ready-made Free Strategic Plan Template. On the off chance that you reliably think little of the time and work that you require; you will lose cash and resources which are common during project phase processes. Looking for a smart project plan or the spending idea; this template will help you throughout the project management. On the off chance that you generally overestimate, you may lose clients since you figure you don’t have the assets to go up against new ones.

As a matter of fact, Task designs, particularly if done reliably; enhance your capacity and improve your client’s confidence over you as well. This enhances believable among your clients; who can design their organizations around your put stock in forecasts. Be efficient and get this sheet now!

Layout of Free Strategic Plan Template

Diminishes worry among representatives, supervisors and stakeholders since they are at the front foot with having a look at the format of the template:

Free Strategic Plan Template

Project Development


Add the project development tasks here in this column under the heading project tasks. Start filling the tasks from cell B10 onwards.

Project development tasks sample added here include, develop components, and promote software, development acceptance test package, platform and subtotal.

The others can be set kick off meeting, agree on objectives, detailed requirements, hardware requirements, technical requirements and API objectives. You can add yours as well!

Project Budget Costs

Fill the labor hours, labor costs, material cost and travel cost as planned during development stage in the column D, E, G and G.


While the project plan is about whom and why someone is carrying upon any tasks, responsible column hold the importance. Here you need to enter the name for the project team members who is leader for the specific task.

Like Mr Alex for the API objectives!

Start & End Date

Strategic Project planning template is incomplete without set of dates showing the plan for the starting and ending day for any of the task..

Check the column I for start date and J for end date.

In case a task is late than estimated, a plan can be made to improve it!


Here in the column K, you need to enter the number of days estimating them from the planned start and end date for the task.

For your convenience it is calculated automatically.

Check out the cell E12 with formula =C12-D12

Cell E13 with formula =D13-C13

Project Status Template Format

To complete your project plan smartly, you need to enter the status for the specific task.

  • For complete use green font
  • Red for the overdue
  • Orange for the in-progress and
  • Grey for the not started

Project Delivery Report Template

Once you are done with the development part, project plan template is incomplete without proper delivery.

Fill the project delivery tasks and start filling them from the cell B20. The sample tasks here include, train customers, install systems, and provide warranty support; the way of delivery and other.

Now fill the labor hours required for delivery, material cost and travel cost in the columns D, E, F and G.

Free Strategic Plan Template Download

Your project plan is now complete. You can share it with the project team members of stakeholders according to the requirement of time!

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