14 Days Sprint Backlog Template Excel

Coordinating teams through product backlog is a good strategy for agile projects and therefore all the deliverables of the project are also included in 14 Days Sprint Backlog Template Excel.

Agile project management templates are also added here to help dispersed teams to coordinate efficiently and realize user stories from this template as well. This tool is specifically chosen, therefore, deliverers in form of sprints can be tracked down better and any changes depending on the user stories can be taken, without waiting for a 30-day period or more.

Software development houses and IT companies are required to have a clear understanding of the sprints, therefore, they are able to efficiently contact the scrum masters.

Tasks and activities are divided up among team members and a smooth process is possible with a clear understanding of this deliverable this is why the Sprint Backlog Template is prepared.

Features of 14 Days Sprint Backlog Template Excel

Estimation for teams is now easier through this template as it has the following features:

It is a simple and fast way of identifying and understanding deliverables, therefore, improving outcomes for the project.

  • Dispersed teams or any confusion in any member of the small team, can affect coordination and production process for all the team members, therefore this template is specifically designed to keep this trouble away from your projects.
  • The project is continuously changing according to the phases and this is true for the IT projects, therefore, your scrum team master is able to realize the changes and make changes in the schedule timely or can make any other change required.
  • The estimated time required at the initiation of the process, and at execution can be seen from this template and therefore the availability is ensured.

You are able to identify what is the best of dealing with any specific deliverable.

  • Defined as a project manager, you are required to ensure that each deliverable is completed timely.
  • There are multiple ways of dealing with any specific deliverable and here it is more helpful.
  • You can contact your team members for better planning through their input.

Look for required resources and ensure their availability as a scrum master.

  • The common definition of planning is usually outlined for a month, however now you can see planning for 14 Days Sprint Backlog.
  • Various charts and dashboards in the template help you better understand and improve the quality of the outcome.
  • You can make changes to the template as well.

How to Make 14 Days Sprint Backlog Template Even Better?

Once downloaded, you are interested in making the changes in the template to make it even better; this is the strategy of the team leaders looking for better control and better deliverables. You are able to ensure it through making participation of team members in the discussion and planning process.

Agile Project 14 Days Sprint Backlog

Initial backlog charts help in ensuring that all the team members are capable of the same level, therefore, no one is superior to another. This makes better coordination with your scrum team, therefore, better results than ever.

Sprint Plan Template

What is sprint planning?
Sprint Planning refers to Agile sprint planning. This planning helps project teams to make products fast and deliver them quickly. In project management, this methodology is used by the product owners and teams. Teams and product owners create consensus and create sprints for two weeks.

This Sprint plan template will directly involve you and your team in the planning process. Furthermore, now everyone is directly linked to the planning process, progress, and product status.

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