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In project management, tracking project performance, quality, resources, risks, issues, timeline, and budget is equally important as the planning of all these. Project tracking templates help in this regard for effective and efficient monitoring, tracking as well as analyzing projects performance indicators.

Although, the project tracking phase is given secondary importance after the successful and lean planning of the project in the project work planning phase. Still, if this phase gets ignored will ultimately cause the failure of the project.

Project tracking templates are modified versions of the planning sheet for all the processes of project management from each knowledge area.

Multiple Project Management Tracking

Project tracking is a comparative function performed by project key managers to not only monitor if that’s are getting completed in a timely manner but it relates the outcome of each task in all aspects with the planned one to see how practical and rigid our production plan is.

Doing so acts as a proactive approach to reviewing the project plan before doing the crucial activities of the project that require more time and resources.

Therefore, keeping in view the importance of the project tracking template, it’s necessary to make such tracking templates that are suitable for each time of tracking function and covers all the major knowledge areas of project management.

Multiple Project Management Tracking tool helps to reduce sufficiently burdensome and hectic job of monitoring and controlling. But this could be easy to monitor by its template that you can use in excel that requires the benevolent adjustment of both circles running side by.

These templates are created according to the most prior elements of project management, providing full space to the characteristic adjustment of these values and getting the deplore outcome on the conclusion.

Which is the fair forecasting of task orientation and it specifies for you that you are heading in the right direction or not?

All behind this person is a management template that helps these managers to cater to the countless number of tasks and their instant assessment for the benefit sake of projects.

While Project Tracking Template, it is very important to have a continuous glance at the features and components of both projects with equal significance allotted to both.

This method ensures no missing out factors in the end without prevailing for more accustomed task management systems.

Project management is performed with the help of many advances and common software tools at large, middle, and even small scales where computer software-based working pattern is followed.

Project Management Tracking with Excel Template

Multiple Project Management Tracking Template


Dual responsibility handling comes in featured with a very less number of people. It ensures the cosmic change of nature with the change of purpose and means ahead. Very rare men are capable of performing multitasking in a real sense all depends on your production planning.

This all leads to corporate success and leadership behavior achievement when a train with the affectionate of multiple years and experience of wide range which ultimately ends with the prodigy of best Multiple Project Tracking techniques.

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This is the ability companies and corporations look for, that owing one person would mean a lot to many of their tasks. But certainly the most surprising this is, no man can do this all alone without the help of fundamental assistance tools and their fair deployment wherever needed.

This incorporates many features to the workspace which may not only enhance the quality of work but other useful parameters as well.

Conjuring to the best management styles, it is very rare that one manager is struggling for the smooth, and successful run-through of multiple projects, finding equal opportunities for both; but when witnessed, people are doing these tasks deliberately.

Significance of Project Tracking Template Excel

Getting the project’s ultimate outcome as well as the outcome of each activity as planned is important. Tracking each activity of the project in its true sense plays a role in the success of the project. After the completion of the project planning phase, project implementation phases start that totally realize the monitoring analyzing, and tracking skills of the team.

The most important function of the multiple projects tracking template is to provide details to its user that if all activity under action is going well without any issue in terms of resources, budget, or skills. Analysis performed based on the data of tracking sheets such as earned value analysis reports the managers about the rigidity of the project plan.

Multiple Project Management Tracking Template

Use the 80-20 rule to prioritize the project activities that are vital but have a major impact on the performance, quality, and timeline of the project using a tracking template excel spreadsheet.

5 Best Project Tracking Practices

Here are 5 best project tracking practices that will help you to track a project more effectively:

Project Plan

A professional project plan is the core project management document that represents your project goals, objectives, and deliverables. So, you have to make a proper project plan that includes all project tasks, milestones, due dates, and a KPI dashboard that helps you to track project progress accurately.

Adopt Realistic Approach

Make sure your project is based on a realistic approach which means all project goals are SMART, your budget is not beyond the project, and due dates are based on an analysis of whether your project can be completed in it or not.

Risk Assessment

It is highly recommended to conduct a risk assessment before launching a project. This technique helps you to make a counter plan (risk management plan), to handle risk factors. Because unknown risk can destroy your project and leads you to disaster.

Scheduled Your Tracking

multiple project tracker

Always scheduled time to track your project progress. This practice helps to better track and you can manage more tasks during that time.

Accuracy Is The Key

Do not check the task until it’s done. Because sometimes, task completion can be delayed due to any reason. First, find out the delay reason, help the team member to complete a task, then mark down the task as completed.

Project Management Tracking

To assess the current status and position of the project and evaluate the orientation in which the project is heading. This all leads to successive objective achievement during Multiple Project Tracker handling.

Managers just tend to provide field entries and the resultant evaluation leads them to further planning.