PERT Chart Template in Excel

A PERT chart is a project management tool that provides a base for the graphical interpretation of a project’s timeline.

In this article, we will discuss what is the PERT chart, Key Elements of the PERT chart. We will also see what is the difference between a Gantt chart and a PERT chart.

What is PERT Chart Template

A PERT chart is a graphical illustration tool utilized for verifying the duration of a phase in a project. It is particularly beneficial for dangerous and tough projects.

The Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) refers to splitting the whole project plan into small tasks; this technique helps to manage a project more effectively.

Part also supports arranging and analyzing the pieces of the project into one big successful project.

When it comes to project planning and evaluation, there are some very useful tools that every project manager should know, and one of them is the PERT chart. Now let’s see what the key features of PERT are.

What is PERT in Project Management?

In 1950, when it needs to accelerate the production of armory and other defense projects for the US Navy, this PERT chart was created.

PERT Chart Template in Excel
PERT Chart Template in Excel

This program evaluation review technique plays a vital role in project management because it helps to evaluate the actual time that a specific project needs to accomplish.

Moreover, this tool helps in creating planned tasks within a project and sharing this work plan with working staff and other coordinates. No doubt this managerial technique saves time by quick processing ability.

In the meantime of this 1950s era, this Chart is also available for the private and public sectors in the name of the Critical Path Method.

However, Pert Chart can conduct 3 types of evaluations for the time needed to complete a project that is;

  1. Fast-track project tasks compilation
  2. The most suitable and accurate time needed to complete tasks
  3. The long-term time period required to complete all tasks

The Objective of Using the PERT

The main purpose of using PERT Charts is good performance and smooth completion of all the tasks associated with a project.

Project managers are known to use PERT charts to establish a reasonable schedule for project accomplishment. This tool makes sure that the most important and crucial tasks get the most attention. As if there is a delay in an important task this will result in major consequences. To void this the Program Evaluation Review Technique template tool is used and it works wonders in critical situations.

This amazing tool also helps managers to allocate different times for different tasks according to their importance level. Consequently, this way a short task will be allocated and allotted a smaller amount of time.

This process will eventually result in saving time as the project time will be reduced by proper clever management. All this can only be possible by using a Program Evaluation Review Technique template.

Key Elements of PERT Template

The main aim of using a Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) is to ensure that the project is running smoothly without any hindrance. Here are some elements which will demonstrate the key elements and importance of using PERT.

  1. A PERT chart facilitates getting things done effectively and on time without any delay. These charts are equally beneficial for small and large projects
  2. These charts are an effective and handy way of seeing and monitoring all the steps in a project from the start to the uphill end. This also allows the project team to see which task happens next, and which tasks are associated with the other task.
  3. As we know PERT charts use graphical representations of tasks and progress, this will help team members follow the map all through the steps of the project easily.
  4. Sometimes PERT is associated and linked to the Gantt chart. However, managers frequently make use of both techniques and procedures. As both are very helpful in effective project progress and project task control.

How to Make a PERT Chart Template in Excel?

As of now, we have seen that we cannot deny the importance of the Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT). But it comes with a little challenge which is they show a lot of detailed information for each task. This information includes:

  1. Assignment name
  2. Scheduled and real start time
  3. Expected time needed
  4. List of answerable persons

This amount of information can be very lengthy and difficult to manage when it comes to a lengthy project. To overcome this problem, you must for an effective am well-planned PERT document. Different projects need distinct procedures according to their type and size.

  1. Decide the nature of the network chart you intend to apply.
  2. Break your plan down into assignments
  3. Develop connections amongst tasks.
  4. Allocate timeframes to tasks.

The Difference Between A PERT and A Gantt chart

Most people interconnect PERT with Gantt Chart. The similarity between these two is both tools break the project down into smaller pieces to manage the project effectively and at ease. As smaller tasks are easily manageable.

Therefore, another similarity is that both techniques prefer task allocation. This means that an order is made on which tasks need to be done first and which ones after that.

Furthermore, both tools are finish-oriented and focus on the completion of the project on time.

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