Project Activity Log Excel Template

This Project Activity Log Excel Template is used for keeping track of daily project activity. It is used by project managers for keeping themselves updated aboutthe daily project activity when they are working on a project. It serves as a project documentation tool in which the project managers can mention the information about all activities of all phases of their project. In this regard, this documentation tool is valid for all kind of projects.

This will help you to make instant and correct decisions based on the information that you see in this project-documentation tool. You may change the course of actions of some phases of project implementation when you see that certain project phases are not running properly.You will investigate the reason of inefficient working of project phases and will take actions to remove the inefficiencies in order to implement the project effectively. The project Activity Log will also help you to know if the project is running effectively after it has been implemented; this is linked to project testing phase when you only have to test the project that it will run effectively or not after it has been implemented. Get Project Charter Template


Format of Project Activity Log Excel Template

Project Activity Log Excel Template

This template is created in MS Excel worksheet format because the worksheet contains tabular structure that can entail a lot of categories of information related to a project in many rows and columns in the worksheet. The project managers can include information about a project in different categories they make in the project activity log template. Creating the Project Activity Log Template project managers can create this project documentation tool in MS Excel. For this, they will need to mention the project details in it. The title for each category of project information should be given at the top of each column in which a respective category of project information is placed. It is noticeable that in MS Excel worksheet the columns are given titles rather than the rows; however, it also depends upon the nature of the project information that how it is entered in the Excel worksheet. Usually, the Excel worksheet looks better legible when the columns are titled and information is placed in the respective columns for respective information categories. On the other hand, the project managers can follow any other style which they prefer to mention the project details in the MS Excel workbook for their own convenience.

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Sample Template of Project Activity Log Excel

You can see some sample templates of Project Activity Log on project management blogs and websites. This will give you a better estimate of how this project documentation tool actually looks like and what is the style of mentioning the project information in it. If you find customized formats of Project Activity log, then you can download them and can use them to mention information about your projects to keep track of all the activity that is taking place in the project implementation phases.