Let’s scroll you to a brief and effective introduction to GAP analysis. This Gap Analysis Template Excel is basically used to get instant factors and reasons influencing the projected outcomes based on a certain Business action plan.

Excel analysis template is the easiest way to conduct this analysis. These templates are usually based on standard parameters of evaluation, and assessment regarding the stated performance, and outcome with the comparison of the actual outcome. It is mainly of concern for the project managers and performance supervisors to check if the obstruction is coming from plan or performance.

The analysis template covers all the fields which have potential chances of reasoning for the recession and retardation of performance at a project.

What happens is that based on the widespread integrated project segments there are hundreds and thousands of complications that may hurdle the smooth working and estimate outcome achievement. Using this quick analysis methodology, it becomes easier for you to enter particular outcome details in the template, and using smart manipulation, it tells you the flaw and reason of flaw which is the right solution itself.

GAP Analysis Template

There are no long spreadsheet patterns and complex interpretations required to understand working on an excel spreadsheet. This platform is devoted to providing the best analysis assessment tool. Gap template is, therefore, based on formulas and embedded instructions which once you feed, remain there for longer.

Each time you want to evaluate something, you just need to enter the relevant details in the particular information field and it will yield the project result of that assessment. This is the best part of excel templates that you never need to wait longer for the results.

Collateral Enhancement with Project Gap Analysis

At a project consulate, there are hundreds and thousands of complicated factors which are important to consider. It becomes hectic and burdensome for the project manager to review everything physically, and the mind wears them for a long period.

Then in further cases, they have to check and monitor every distinguished portion of working on a daily or weekly basis; where there remains no space of lag or discrepancy.

With sufficient information to put in the field, it further becomes comprehensive for the project managers to assess the standing position and the currently existing deviation from the stated targets. With instant planning and reviewing of the outcome, it is easy for the concerned person to find out the grass root cause of the problem occurring and the lag of performance.

Gap Analysis Template Types

As the name suggests, in an ordinary manner gap analysis demonstrates that there is a clear gap between the plans and actual project status. There are 3 types of GAP analysis let’s have a look at the following templates and their features as well:

Skills GAP Analysis Template Excel

This analysis is conducted when you need to evaluate your team member’s skills and qualifications for a certain project. This technique helps to identify which team member of a project is eligible to work on this project task or work package and which is not.

After getting results now you can assign them tasks according to their skills or trained them on what they are lacking behind. Companies hire professionals for training their employees to gain maximum ROI.

However, this analysis is mostly conducted by HR managers to find out their employee’s skill set and knowledge.

There are many factors that have a deep impact on employees like technology, resources, communication map within the organization, etc. So, employee’s skill up-gradation is directly linked to these factors.

Skills Gap Analysis Template

  • If you are part of any IT firm or development firm, you may need to test the newly made software or when you get any new project.
  • However, the expansiveness and profundity of substance are investigated to check whether it coordinates the extent of the new norms. If not, what to do.
  • For instance, are the strategies or skills the same, you are able to make timely changes and avoid loss of time”.
  • The sheet is made up of, “summary description”, “subject software”, “special information” & “type” as well.

Business GAP Analysis Template Features

This analysis provides such data that you can use to increase your business growth rate and business development. Here are some features that are following:

  • Speaking about this, you may need to cover the gaps for improving the quality and increasing the profitability of a company.
  • Instructional materials, plans, appraisals, ideas, and other learning instruments are investigated to decide how emphatically they adjust to the new guidelines & then they are implemented.
  • With this sheet, you are able to assess which areas of the business need assessment.
  • Besides, we have various gap analysis templates here, like “skills gap analysis template”, “simple & free gap analysis template excel” & “business analysis sheet as well”.

Process GAP Analysis Template

The process GAP analysis refers to the difference between the qualitative and quantitative processes. It tells us real-time stats on its current status and desired status.

Although, when we talk about business organization process, it meant to their business process efficiency in terms of providing services or goods to customers, clients, partners, or stakeholders. So, this Process GAP tells in which business process stage we are lacking behind.

After that, we prepare and deploy an improvement plan. This technique helps to grow business and it has a deep impact on business-to-customer relationships.

Process Gap Analysis Template has the following steps:

  • First, we have to identify the current process status.
  • Now, evaluate GAP with the help of the desired status.
  • After that, mix the outcome and remove duplicates on overlap points and mark unique GAPS.
  • It’s time to set the level of severity and impact of these GAPS.
  • Setting priority from top to bottom on the scale of your business goals.
  • The last step is to make and implement a process performance improvement plan.

GAP Analysis Example

Here is the basic example to understand the process of GAP Analysis:
Example Gap Analysis
The above image clearly shows the sales gap. You can easily identify and evaluate its stats and make a counter plan to increase sales.


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