Project Management Planning Templates

Project Management Planning Templates play a vital role in each project, that’s why these are an important part of project documentation.

Every company makes plans for its business growth or completes its projects successfully. A few steps of planning that a company takes to complete its project plan. However, that includes scheduling which is also essential for every kind of project.

In the project management planning process, scheduling comes on fourth. This step involves planning and scheduling for project working staff and other managerial staff. In this step, project managers also assign daily and weekly tasks to team members.

Although, the scheduling process also helps managers to track project progress and issue log.

Here are 8 steps of Project Management Planning…

Define Project Goals, Objectives & Deliverables

In this 1st step, we set and define our project goals in brief as well as objectives of the project. However, project deliverables are the final product or outcome.

Outline Master Project Plan

The most important part of project management planning is to outline the project plan and its major phases. A master plan put your keep on the right track. Moreover, setting up milestones & Deliverables, and Project Dependencies is also part of this master plan.

Allocating Project Budget

Allocation of project budget comes in 3rd step. Without proper budget planning your project cannot achieve project goals & objectives.

Identify Key Stakeholders

Another important step is to identify and manage stakeholders according to their level of interest and power.

Roles & Responsibilities

Setting roles & responsibilities among the team members comes in 5th step. This technique helps you to identify the responsible person in case of an issue.

Milestones & Timeline

Project milestones & timelines are tells us how much the project is completed, and which part of the project phase is due. So we divide project plan into milestones that are visible on project timeline.

Project Dependencies & Resource Management

In this step, we explain project dependencies. Project dependencies are also linked with task dependencies. These dependencies are controlled project’s progress. Moreover, resources management can expedite the execution phase because sometimes a single resource is required for 2 or more task managers. So you must manage resources in a hierarchical order according to task priority.

Outline Project Schedule

A project Schedule is a plan that we make to execute tasks. Basically, we make work packages and make team member roasters in this plan.

Project Communication Plan

A Project Communication plan is very important because it helps customers, clients, or stakeholders to understand the communication hierarchy within an organization.

Set Success Metrics

However, setting success criteria and metrics for projects will help you to evaluate the success rate.

Moreover, these 10 steps can add extra steps for complex project planning.

  • Structure designing for assessment and evaluation
  • Performance evaluation and comparisons with competitive entities
  • Quality management and operations management which includes operations analysis

These are a few of the compulsory segments of the entire planning which constitute the basis of a complete large project either a commercial project, industrial project, or any kind of long or short-term project.

Project Planner Template Excel

project planning template excel

Since we all know that on a professional scale, everything is done on paper notes and is recorded. For this very purpose, such project plan documentation and complicated fieldwork of planning, comparison, assessment, and analysis are done by using tools, which are based on such advanced features which let you achieve more precise and perfect results of the things in lesser time.

Besides you can make a whole project plan, action plan, and task management plan which is not possible in ordinary ways. Using these templates, you can instantly get complicated outcomes and plan for your project in a more comprehensive way.

Here are some of the useful features which you can use in this regard;

  • Gantt Chart for iterative load management
  • Gap Analysis let you compare the ideal case and the actual case to find out the reasons for flaws.

Project Planner Template

However, there are many types of project planning tools & templates for this purpose of which some are used for bigger planning and others are simple and work for the individual. It’s all depending on your requirement and project volume.

This power full tool will really help you if you have essential commands on it. You can also take online suggestions and learn about it that how these types of project templates work and which kinds of its features are more important to make a checklist and which are not simple.

All these types of tools can also be used in Microsoft office excel.


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