Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel is used to make a descriptive briefing of a project or business; for this purpose, there is a different excel template that can use.

Project management organizations manage a lot of projects at a time. So, the senior executives and project managers are looking into the details of multiple projects at a time.

Thus, the project portfolio dashboard template excel is useful for project managers to monitor and control the KPIs of multiple projects.

It is pretty similar to the project management KPI dashboard. However, the project portfolio covers the KPIs of multiple projects instead of one.

So, the project managers use the project portfolio dashboard to display their desired information for each project. It may include the Gantt chart view of the project schedule of all the projects, not their activities.

So, the project manager’s responsibility is to choose the set of important information not displayed on the portfolio dashboard. It depends on the type of project.

However, if a project manager monitors more than 3 projects. All the projects will not be in the same stage of project management. So, the project manager can’t choose a stage-specific project portfolio management template dashboard. Thus, it is recommended to use a general project portfolio dashboard template that fits all the projects regardless of this phase.

When completed with a major integrating unit of a project, a milestone is said to be achieved. At the competition of all milestones; it is mandatory to take a look and reward the working team with remarks about their performance and efficiency plan.

Project Management Portfolio Dashboard


Project-Management-DashboardAs a matter of fact, your leaders are able to compare the selected projects and everyday work management is well effective as well. To tell the truth, the portfolio worksheet should be a comprehensive listing of all active project status reports within your department. Ensure the prevention of fraud through this!

The fact dashboard should be easily viewable and show up in an individual’s mailbox to be viewed. You can share it online with cloud computing or Google sheets as well.

Save your lot of capital through project management, Of course, your business has unique requirements and your own way of operating.

For whole this reason, it is always important to have a precise form and complete detailing project dashboard of the project working in front of you; especially when you are the project manager.

A presentable form of work is always the best suit for suggesting the project portfolio of work; it shows the practical worth of the planning and its outcome.

Portfolio management dashboards are always meant to set an example of how barely excellence could achieve through a working team; deploying all the stages according to their planning.


Key Features of Project Management Portfolio

Project Portfolio dashboard in a management and monitoring platform for multiple projects. It is used to manage and optimize financial matters, strategies, and goals of the projects handled by an organization. The project portfolio mostly works on the structural representation of the project.

The portfolio dashboard sets the priorities by carefully analyzing the data. It modifies the management plan and provides a communication platform with the stakeholders.

Project Portfolio Dashboard Format


The use of technology has penetrated almost all fields of management and especially when it comes to the most gravy activity which is the management of general project operations based on the skills and experiences of the planning managers and project managers.

These people use various technology steps to accumulate the whole work in a planned form and then release bits of work to the most refined teams prepared for it.

Once the whole task is assigned to a group, a manager is fully responsible to monitor, evaluate their performance and take any decision broadly in the favor of the company and project.

A manager when takes the duty to summon the successful accomplishment of the project; no matter what is the magnitude of the tasks. He may use various tools and technologies to gain more precision and accuracy in his field.

This relevance operates the systematic betterment in the decisions and policymaking through time; as they seek the worst and good impacts of different decisions and strategies of working.

The project portfolio dashboards are very powerful and helpful tools for project managers to monitor and control multiple projects at a time. Monitoring multiple projects at a time is a very hectic job. As each project consists of more than 49 processes. Any negligence in even a single process may lead to project failure.

Components of Project Portfolio Dashboard Template

Thus, the project portfolio dashboard displays very crucial information on multiple projects to analyze and track. A simple project portfolio dashboard includes an overall combined summary of the entire project in terms of the following elements:

  1. Number of Projects
  2. % of completion
  3. Overall budget and Spent Value
  4. Total Team Members
  5. Potential Risks
  6. Open Issues
  7. Next 6 Months Insight

After the combined summary of overall projects. The button-type tabs with an individual summary of each project are included in the body of the template.

The tab of the individual project may include various elements to display like percentage completion, budget spent and remaining, remaining months for project completion, several potential risks, and open issues.

However, once the project manager clicks on the tab of an individual project. The complete information of the project is open in the body of the preview section of the portfolio dashboard template excel.

This section may include further information about the project in terms of activities and Gantt charges. Also, the budget and duration distribution of each activity. Further, the 3 potential risks with action plan hints and 3 high-priority open issues with the expected date of resolution can be included.

Moreover, the summary of the task in terms of total, completed, in progress, and pending must be there. While the project manager’s name and the size of the project team are also helpful to mention. To conclude any special comments can also be included in the comments section of the individual project preview interface.

These templates readily available for this purpose are quite handy and easily understandable; Portfolio Dashboard Template is an accustoming template that can alter according to the requirements of the project. The milestone template also helps to evaluate a progress report.

Putting the standard information in the boxes would ultimately lead to a concluded outcome for that project. Paraphrasing the whole set of performance statistics simply elaborates on the instant condition of the project.

Project Management Portfolio For PMO

With all other opportunities, the Project management office is the one responsible for portfolio management and carefully writing the project reports. It also ensures the quality and correctness of the reports. It works as an important tool for senior management to locate the problem areas in the quickest possible way. PMO dashboard summarizes all the project reports and data comprehensively.

I highlight the important areas that require immediate attention and action. A project portfolio management template dashboard for PMO works well as a knowledge transfer from stakeholders to the team and then back to the senior management. If you are looking for great communication during the project for professional and personal discussions then the PMO dashboard is the best choice.

 KPI of Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel

The project portfolio management template dashboard defines, delivers, and measures the project at different levels and requires some KPIs to work efficiently. Here are a few KPIs for portfolio management.

Operational Efficiency

It measures the performance of the team as well as resources

Project Scheduling

It gives information about the individual time investment in a project to make an executable schedule.

Budget Allocation

It optimizes the project’s budget and helps to get the difference between the actual and estimated budget.

Organizational Goals

The key indicator for the success of the project is the achievement of goals as per the plan.

Customer Satisfaction Rate

To see how well a project is doing the best parameter to measure is the client satisfaction rate.

Risk Portfolio Dashboard

Risk management is important to maintain the constant progress of the project. To measure these risks and manage them as well portfolio risk management is used in project management.

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel (

It measures and evaluates the risks likely to hinder the growth of the project and helps to plan alternatives. Different types of projects have different sorts of risks, you need to carefully analyze the situation by measuring the risk indicators. Graphs are plotted to locate the areas of risk.

Task Portfolio Dashboard

Task management is another important part of project management. Task portfolio makes the job easier and you can view the progress of multiple tasks and their status in a single window.

You can customize the list of tasks on the dashboard. It is a good tool for tracking. It keeps you focused on your target which as a result keeps the team motivated to work harder to reach the goals of the project. Showing the status of all tasks in a single window will save the time that you invest in tracking.

Construction Project Portfolio Dashboard

The construction portfolio dashboard helps to understand the project’s current position. Construction project managers can easily view the whole picture of their running project development. Moreover, we can make project status report that you can present to your clients, stakeholders, etc.

(PPM) Project Portfolio Management Process

project portfolio management process

Here are the five steps PPM Process:

Business Objectives

It’s very important to keep in mind project objectives and goals before you go for PPM. Your portfolio management and your portfolio goals must be on the same page with your project planning and its goals.

Assembling Project For Your Portfolio Management

Now, after creating portfolio goals, now it’s time to assemble projects and gather data. For this purpose, you should gather data on running projects or project proposals that you want to manage.

Choosing the Right Project for Your Portfolio

In this step, you have to choose the right project that is suitable for your portfolio. For this choice purpose, you can use cost benefits analysis template. And the outcome will produce good data.

However, there are some other factors that will help you to choose a project. Such as outcome, risk assessment data, SWOT analysis, etc.

Project Portfolio Feasibility

Conducting feasibility analysis helps you to predict project financial statements, capacity planning, and project resource planning with a project portfolio management template.

Manage Project Portfolio

In this last step, before we go for portfolio execution, we conduct a meeting with the program manager and execute a portfolio management plan after approval.

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