Project Roadmap Excel Template

A Project Roadmap excel template is a basic graphical illustration of project progress and project status. It describes the work to be done, the sequence, milestones, scope, and dates. It also outlines the goals, timelines, and risks associated with the project.

By utilizing this template you are able to enhance planning and organization for your projects through tracking and scheduling milestones and deliverables on time.

In the project management tools kit, this managerial tool is highly recommended and used by project stakeholders and managers in an effective process management system. It provides information and guidance on how the project should be carried out. A project timeline will help a team to stay on track and focus on key tasks in a timely fashion.

What is Project Roadmap?

A project road map provides essential information for everyone involved in the project. It keeps team members on track, gives project managers an easy-to-read overview of the progress, and helps stakeholders to get involved. It can be easily produced, edited, and distributed.

Project Roadmap Excel Template

Project managers are required to manage multiple processes; therefore, the project timeline excel template for the project manager is now prepared; which covers all the aspects of planning and ensures the successful accomplishment of the most challenging and bigger projects on time.

Probably, splitting up tasks in your project team and then tracking is also possible through this excel spreadsheet; and any time changes in the schedules and plans can make.

Check some project risk management plans before starting any new project.

Features of Project Roadmap Template Excel

Now get a professionally designed excel workbook for project management and here are some promising benefits of this template:

The entire process of project management and tracking is made simpler through this template.

Finance management and project budgets, as well as earned value from the project all important features, are part of this template; therefore if any project is crossing the budget, it can track instantly.

Inventory management is possible through this excel sheet, and therefore holding costs can reduce.

Some areas which require immediate attention can view through this template and production is diverted towards it.

It is easy to share among the team and therefore better communication.

Whenever any change is made, it must make clear to all the team members and this is possible through this template.

Project managers are now able to properly concentrate on planning and production; rather than worrying about any confusion in the project team.

Significance of Project Management Roadmap Timeline

A project management system (PMS) must be properly used in order to generate an effective and accurate roadmap. A comprehensive plan and detailed description of the project need to be presented in the road map, to make it more understandable to project stakeholders.

  1. The project road map should be developed with all of the necessary details so that the team can easily understand the important project goals, timeline, and deadlines.
  2. It needs to be clear and complete, without leaving out any important details. The road map must include a summary and schedule for each major milestone.
  3. It is recommended that the project team provide a summary to all stakeholders before the release of the road map.

How to Create a Project Roadmap?

Project Roadmap Excel Template

After knowing the importance and purposes of the roadmap below is the complete guide to creating a project roadmap.

This procedure involves three steps:

  1. Hold a project kickoff meeting.
  2. Collect necessary project information.
  3. Create a roadmap timeline.

Hold a Project Kickoff Meeting

The purpose of the Project Kickoff Meeting is an introduction among the team members, stakeholders, and partners who are going to work together. This meeting helps them to better understand a project purpose, baseline, mission, goals, project work plan, strategical plan, execution process, reporting methods, and background as well.

In this meeting, a FAQ session can also be managed for members.

Collect Project Information

This step involves the collection of some essential information like project mission, purpose, tasks, objectives, outcomes, deliverables, project milestones, resource management planning, team members, swot analysis, risk factors, etc.

  • Project Objectives & Deliverables this helps to set our project task list deliverables.
  • Setting Milestones helps project team members to complete their daily tasks in time to achieve milestones.
  • Team Members & Resources helps to maintain resources (human and materialistic) available according to a project schedule.
  • Risk Management maintains project schedule or budget.

Creating The Project Roadmap

In this last step, we create a roadmap by using project management tools like Gantt Chart or Project Timeline.


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