Project Schedule Template Excel

In project management, one of the most critical tasks during the project planning stage is to develop an effective schedule for the successful implementation of the project balancing availability and allocation of all the key project resources.

It is not merely just related to the identification of the tasks along with the duration!

It takes every aspect of the project into consideration that is required for the success of the project over the project lifecycle such as a list of project activities, WBS, dependencies, deliverables, and milestones.

By definition, it is a document that reflects the list of project activities, estimated durations, and dates, required and assigned resources.

Project Schedule Template

In PMBOK’s classification, the project schedule management knowledge area deals with 8 major processes that are; schedule management planning, the definition of activities, sequencing of activities, estimation of activities duration, development, and control of the schedule.

Instead of using a costly project management tool for schedule management, the fully customized template excel spreadsheet is equally applicable for effective definition and management of the project schedule.

This project schedule template covers all the points of the project schedule that are necessary for its effectiveness!

Every project base on its planning, schedule, marketing, etc and by using its template you can manage it well in excel format. There are many scheduling managerial formats that are being used by different project managers and companies for better project management.

As we know that the backbone of a project/business depends on some facts in which proper scheduling is also included. There are also several types of software that are also utilized but for documentation purposes, it has its own importance.

Importance of Project Schedule Template in Project Management

The project schedule is a detailed time structure of project activities and project milestones for quickly analyzing the project status and understanding what is on the way and what is coming next.

It defines the list of activities that are required to perform in a defined sequence of activities for the achievement of deliverables. It helps in resource management for assigning limited and common resources for the realization of activities.

It is represented in project meetings for a clear understanding of the project progress and to highlight the implications faced by project managers in previous tasks with counters in-case of any delay in realization of activity.

However, you can make your schedule plan by using the Gantt Chart template too!

Project Schedule Template Excel Format

project schedule template excel


Like other documentation templates this template also has some important characteristics that are given below:

  • This format allows you powerfull user end control over your project
  • You can customize its layout and points according to your required design
  • You can add important notes, procedures for every task/steps
  • You can allow excess to this project schedule of responsible employees, partners, clients, and stakeholders
  • You can use this format in PowerPoint presentation
  • Design of this format is latest but you can change it as requirements

No doubt this project management approach has importance for every kind of project so, that’s why our team design this project schedule template excel that will full fill your professional requirements.

Steps To Make an Effective Excel Project Schedule

In project schedule management, a number of tools and techniques are used at a different stage from the definition to the control of the schedule.

The most commonly used ones are; Experts judgment, Meetings, Precedence mapping method, leads and lags, parametric and three-point estimation, network analysis, critical path method, resources optimization, data analysis, and trend analysis.

Project Schedule Template Excel

The pathway or the process for the developments of an effective project schedule template excel spreadsheet is defined as follows;

  1. Project activities identification and definition in using WBS.
  2. Use tools and techniques for finding the optimized project path based on activities dependencies.
  3. Calculated prediction of activities completion time and start and end date.
  4. Identify the required resources and assign the resources to the activities as per schedule for a timely delivery.
  5. Use the schedule for the creation of Gantt chart and implementation of other visualization or monitoring tools for getting maximum out of the project schedule template excel spreadsheet.

The critical path method and PERT is the best mathematical analysis for the determination of project critical path and critical activities. It is used as a tracker for evaluating the project progress by comparing the actual performance with the estimations.