Project Scope Statement Free

Have a glimpse of the goals and objectives of your projects anytime by using the Project Scope Statement Template PMBOK that is available here.

This template is a standout amongst the most basic bits of a project, and thinking of one can be a troublesome undertaking for a project manager – be well prepared with this scope sheet. Be that as it may, project scope can streamline the processes while reducing the chances of failure.

It is composed after the project initiation and incorporates everything that the undertaking is expected to create. Making an exact report that blueprints the objectives due dates and connections that shape the undertaking is known as another meaning for this term. Project Scope Statement is popular for three distinct reasons:

Project Scope Statement Document

Should more precise information be important or the project scope or other varying factors for the project? Be smart, have a look at the format of the template:

Purpose of Project

Whether a general project or specific of a kind, there is a purpose for the project. To see the background and reason behind the project, you may fill up this section of the template.

Check out the heading in column B, the purpose of a project.

High-level Project Requirements

Since a project is finalized, a list of high levels is set to ensure that certain requirements are mandatory. Now add a list of requirements for the project in column C.

High-level project requirements ensure, a project manager is making plans according to the specific plan and ensuring its accomplishment before the overdue date.

Project Strategy & Deliverables through Project Scope Statement Document

A project can reach the success line with a smart strategy and by having a list of deliverables. These are the signs of the project’s success as well.

Add the list for both of them in columns C and D.

You can download the strategic project plan template for the detailed plan of the project you are working on as well.

Project-Scope-Statement-Template PMBOK

Project Constraints

To get ready for the risks and problems associated with the project, this column E with the heading project constraints is available. Add them here.

Project constraints can affect the project to the major level and result in leaving a bad impact on its initiation or any specific stage. You may need to consult your project team to have the entire list of constraints or add them yourself.

Approving the project

  1. Giving a diagram of a project from start to end
  2. Distinguishing the fundamental stakeholders

Project Cost Estimation

In simple words, with the proper cost estimation, you are never left behind as you always have the required cost for the process in hand either from the project sponsors or project stakeholders.

Check out column F and add the cost estimate for the entire project.

Project Boundaries

Project Scope Statement is incomplete without project boundaries. A set of deliverables that must be done before handing over the project or while working upon provides a roadmap to the project manager and the project team.

Use column G to enter the project boundaries. You may include the requirements, external, internal; and help from the other departments. Moreover, training is also a component of project boundaries.

Now use your template to have a complete project scope at your hand.

Elements of Project Scope Statement PMBOK

Counting particular components inside this template will help manufacture a viable extension explanation that will limit the danger of progress requests and disturbances while remaining on the spending plan. Have a look at its features:

Business needs OR Project objectives

A specific project has different needs and requirements and you can track them down using this template. Add your project objectives here.

Project Description

Check out the project description, it’s more than the project title. Is your project compatible with the business goal? Check it out by this section.

Project Benefits & Requirements

Well, there are certain benefits of the project. For any specific requirements outline them in these tables of the project scope statement!

Project Deliverables

If the project deliverables are bigger or smaller, add them here. There are certain limitations and restrictions for the project. you can record them here.

Success criteria

Once a project is done and it is now time for forwarding it for approval? Do you have a list of success/ acceptable criteria? Add the list here in this section of the Project Scope Statement Template.

Scope Management Plan Template

A scope management plan evaluates and describes the project goals & objectives, purpose, and its benefits also help you to make a plan on how to implement it.
However, this scope management plan document is an important document in project documentation with other essential documents that includes project requirements, scope statement, WBS.

Although, a project scope statement document also includes project work plan, method, approach, monitoring, and controlling project progress.

Steps To Make an effective Scope management plan (SMP);

  • First, evaluate project requirements and stakeholder requirements
  • In the second step, define scope, project goals, and objectives
  • Split project plan (Work Breakdown Structure)
  • Review WBS and make Work packages
  • Assign tasks to teams or team members according to their skills
  • Defining project deliverables
  • in the last, we must make a project change request process.

How to Avoid Scope Creep

It is very important to avoid scope creep. Anything that is going beyond the project budget and its limit is scope creep. For instance, when our client request to add some extra features and demanding for extra service for his product or task, that is not according to plan, and this effect the project budget and diverts focus from main goals and objectives, which is a scope creep.

scope creep

4 Steps to Avoid Scope Creep

  • Keep The Agreement Clear
  • Define Work Limits
  • Performing Assessments
  • Anticipate Change in Plan

Keep the Agreement Clear

It is highly recommended to prepare such an agreement that clears all aspects of the work agreement between you and clients.

This document helps you and your team to work according to an agreement, so, whenever the client asks for some extra favor, you can easily refuse it and save your efforts and planned budget and resources. This helps you to avoid scope creep.

Define Work Limits

Another step that helps you to avoid scope creep is to define work limitations, budget, and resources. When a client asks for a change that is not in the scope statement, you can tell him that you already have been set the budget, time, and resources for that specific task.

However, you can renegotiate with clients and ask for to increase in the work rate. If, both of you are agreed on a work rate that will be good.

Performing Assessments For Task

Always conduct analysis before working on a task or product, because without a proper assessment you can set time, budget, and resources for them. So, this will go beyond your, In this case, you are responsible for scope creep.

Anticipate Change in Plan

As a project manager, it’s our duty to define project scope, goals, and objectives, however, sometimes, you need to add some new tasks and product features, at this point you have to pay close attention to client’s or customer’s needs, whether they want or not. So, to avoid scope creep, you have to remain focused on project goals and objectives when you are going to draft a scope plan.