Project organization is now much easier by realizing time available and time utilized and realizing this fact through project management report templates which are free of cost. The advanced Project Score Meter Chart Template is different from simple black and white charts as they are colorful for the reason of showing speed and other issues and factors individually.

Temperature changes can result in bigger issues and for industries where the number of giant machines and working units is operating, any drastic increase or decrease can result in dangerous results. This is the same for speed issues as well, therefore, realizing this information timely and its effects require a template that can record all this information and for this reason, the advanced score meter chart template is used widely.

Project Score Meter Chart


To understand what is motive behind preparing these charts as well as their format, you may require clicking the template and then checking it. You are able to use a single chart in multiple places as well by changing a heading or making modifications as required.

Advanced Score Meter Excel Chart

Here are a few available excel charts that are useful but they are still not very popular or not used commonly as users are unable to realize the benefits as well as their application place. Whenever companies or individual is required to record the advanced score or the numerical as expected, this is not done manually these days and for this purpose this chart is useful.

There are many kinds of project management monitoring and controlling templates that are utilized in different industries but as we know every project needs a task completion milestone at this point this score meter is used. It also helps to make a progress report for your employee.


  1. Zsolt Teleky

    Could you please send me the template of Excel Format of Production Planning as published on Oct/31, 2014? I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Jesus Martin

    Could you please send me a copy of this template about project score meter? Thank you! Looks great!