Project Work Plan template Excel

Project Work Plan Template Excel is a tool that helps to make a project work plan that includes time tracking, cost management, task tracking, and project status.

In projects and businesses, each employee does a lot of tasks daily. Keeping all the tasks in mind with all details isn’t a professional practice to perform quality work.

Project managers and staff use different types of tools, documents, and templates such as project tracking templates for monitoring, tracking, and completing the activities. A Work Plan template comes into action for effectively managing and tracking tasks at a specific time.

Simple guidelines to make a project work planner template are;

  1. Do the research and take note of the project schedule, timeline, risks, milestones, resources planning, and budget.
  2. Set the timeframe for which the work planner template has to develop.
  3. Make a table and map out all the required information about the project activities for that specific time period.

Why Work Plan Template?

As we know planning can play a vital role in project success. So, when I make a project plan we consider work planning as the preference. This project work planning is most important because it defines to employees when and which task is important or due to step forward.

Work planning can make by using different types of project management tools and templates. Here we discuss the work plan template excel that not only helps us to make a flawless plan but assists us to use all essential data and info about the project.

Usually, these are the templates specifically for the calendar for work planning. Suppose you want work planner templates for weekly or yearly or monthly – a huge list of templates according to your needs.

E.g. project work planner templates, daily planner templates, weekly planner templates, monthly and yearly planner templates, student schedule planner templates, and bi-weekly planner templates

What does the Project Work Plan Template Excel do?

project work plan template

Work planners are different for different purposes and target audiences. Project work planners, business work planners, and working staff carry a different set of information with reference to its use.

Still, there is specific information that is always presented on each type of PWP. In general:

  1. It involves key activities to perform, a description of those activities, a timeline, expected outcomes, and comments.
  2. Some specific work templates like project work templates carry additional information to improve their effectiveness for their users.
  3. Project work planner templates and excel spreadsheets are commonly used by project managers for effectively monitoring the activities that need to be performed in a specific period of time.
  4. Usually, project work planners are created separately for each deliverable or goal.
  5. Milestone-based work planners carry out all the activities that need to be performed for the achievement of a milestone.
  6. As well as details such as activity duration, timeline, description, responsible persons, labor required estimated budget, associated risks, evaluation methods, and expected outcomes.

How To Write An Effective Project Work Plan?

Project Plan Template Excel

Here are 8 easy steps to make a work plan for your project;

  1. 1st create a Project Scope statement
  2. 2nd Prepare Project Brief
  3. Identify Your Key Stakeholders for Project
  4. Draft Deliverables
  5. Use WBS Template
  6. Task Management
  7. Set Deadlines
  8. Arrange minutes of meeting with co-workers, team leaders, and staff to discuss and change the project plan as required
  9. Utilize Lesson Learned Data and Stats if available

Advanced Project Planner Tools & Templates

As we know that a project can not be completed by itself, it needs directions, corrections, and guidelines that lead to project success. However, an advanced project plan helps us to manage tasks, and assign tasks, duties, and other required resources to complete them in time and within the planned project budget.

Here is the brief information on advanced project planner templates & tools that are highly recommended when creating a Project Plan or Project work planner.

Gantt Chart Template

This Gantt chart is one of the famous project management tools that is used in a basic or complex project plan to monitor and track project progress and task management.

WBS Template

The WBS template is another highly recommended project management template for a project plan. In fact, when we need to split a project plan into tasks, we use this template.

Project Calendar Tool

A project calendar is a tool that clears the project work plans, roaster, and staff shits which are the part of project activity.

Project Planner Notebooks

Project Planner notebooks are still beneficial for project managers, or individuals that are working alone. This type of notebook is used to track and monitor personal activity, daily tasks, and progress.

However, sticky notes are also part of this tool, on which you can manage your task list.

Work Plan Example Template

work plan example

In each type of work plan, the project scope statement is a formal document that explains different aspects of a project that are following:

Benefits of project, goals, objectives & deliverables

Project cost, resources expenses (human resources & material)

Project success impact company growth, etc.

For example, a construction company project manager, stakeholders, or owner aims to achieve 30% profit in the coming year to create a work plan. In this work plan they set and draft company yearly goals and objectives, however, this work planner also includes procedures on how to achieve them.

The producer of this work plan intended to explain the current market trends, and the new areas of opportunities in terms of profit & company growth.

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