Resource Capacity Planning Template Excel

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Resource Capacity Planning Template Specifications

Get ahead and learn more about the right use of the excel spreadsheet:

Resource Capacity Planning Template Excel

How We Calculate Resource Capacity?

Resource capacity planning implements that sector of the project that needs short focus time. This planning includes assigning tasks to eligible employees and allocating their resources to execute tasks. There are many tools that are project workers need to use but the problem is the limitation. To avoid misguidance and clashes project managers use RCP to allocate resources among the employees with schedule and priority.

Sprint Capacity Planning Excel

Sprint Capacity Planning

Now, Sprint Capacity planning involves evaluating employees working hours on a project and highlighting tasks RACI among them.

However, Sprint Capacity planning basic function is highlighting tasks RACI on the scale of employee working hours per month. And all these illustrations demonstrate on an excel graph. Also, review 14 days of Sprint Backlog.

This template contains the following information;

  • It tells us about Team members and their goals, objectives focus approaches.
  • Sprint Name/identification VS Currents.
  • A complete record of holidays, vocations, and attendance of a particular sprint
  • Minutes of meeting in a sprint
  • Working staff information and their designation or RACI.

Seven Recommendations For Effective Project Resource Capacity Planning

So, here is some recommendation that you should consider before RCP because these points help you to make a better effective plan and save resources to waste:

Resource Capacity Planning Template Excel

Plan For 6-12 Months: Make sure that you make a plan at least for 1 year because it takes time to effect. As we know there are a lot of factors things and factors that are affecting a project at a time, as well as many activities, are in progress, so, if we implement a new plan within the running plan then you have to wait for its results.

Review: Project Work Plan Template.

Stakeholders Expectations: Without proper RCP planning, top management and stakeholders set their goals and expectations from a project. Make sure to keep updated with the latest development regarding RC planning that helps them to make their SMART goals under the consideration of RCP.

Budget Planning: Budget planning is also important for RCP because without a proper budget plan you are unable to purchase or stock resources that you need for a project.

Project Information – Know Your Project: A better information is key to better project understanding. So, make sure you provide all the necessary information.

Highlighting Assumptions: Another recommendation is you have to highlight your assumption’s expected outcomes and threats.

Leave Contingency: All make a contingency plan that will help you to face and tackle wrong assumptions that you expect. Review

Review & Update: Another important recommendation is to review and update your RCP that will keep your project plan on track.

Creating a Project Resource Capacity Planning Excel Template

As we know that, Project capacity planning involves in to evaluate and analyzing the requirements of employees and the availability of resources.

Here are some points to create a custom RCP;

  • First define complete task list by using WBS and their dependencies, also define project task list timeline and duration period.
  • Evaluation of all resources that are needed to complete all tasks in this project.
  • Exact estimation of project resources that in which quantity we need for each task. These resources include both Human and material.
  • Measurement of availability of each resource capacity.
  • Must enter that how long a resource will engage with an employee to complete his task.
  • Conduct a deep analysis to get a report of resource overlapping between two or more tasks.
  • If it needs to change a resource then change it in the datasheet too and populate this message across the team members.
  • Finally, update the resource capacity based on net change in the required plan of resources.

Resource Capacity Plan Data Sheet Setup

  • Setting up  datasheet put all employee names and goals/tasks
  • Now, Go to Data Sheet and put a timeline
  • Enter Resource Name, Activity Fields, and set up data
  • Enter data for in Start Date, End Date Fields
  • Put employees working hours per week or per month along with holidays or non-working days.
  • Now, click run and check the report on the dashboard.

Download Excel Resource Capacity Planner

Although you can browse multiple spreadsheets and go ahead on other pages, if you are looking for quick resource planning, hit download and you can get your template right now.

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