Retail Inventory Management Excel Template

Standard Retail Inventory Management Excel Template of retail items value available in the warehouse for companies and hospitals can do if details of inventory items are available in excel template.

This professional worksheet free inventory template is base on demand of specific items and therefore they are rank accordingly in the sheet.

Excel sheets can keep via store manager in a retail shop; therefore he is responsible for these items and only he must consult if top-up for the specific shelf is required. Check Stocktake monitoring tool on a daily basis.

Protecting money, which is wasted due to theft or loss of merchandise as some disaster or emergency has struck the business premises resulting in damaging the items or making them entirely inappropriate for use can be avoided if tracking is possible through spreadsheets. It increases the profit figure in the profit and loss account statement as well.

Retail Inventory Management Template Excel Format

retail inventory management excel template

With appropriate size and layout, this spreadsheet template is suitable for small retail shops as well as the chain for the chain of shops.

  1.     Discontinuation: – Loss of money and organization in stores can ensure via preventing ordering products; which are no longer a choice of customers and it must discontinue from your shop.
  2.     Organization: – As retail shops are dealing in the bulk of items; the proper organization is fundamental otherwise staff members may carry out thefts and frauds which can never capture.
  3.     Maintain Dashboard: – Show statistics for different products through charts, and tables in excel template as reordering is fast and instant through these sheets.

Small Business Inventory Spreadsheet Template

Fulfilling order of your customers is easy if a proper arrangement of current stock on hand; minimum stock level for child items and child items required for kids needed are available in the stock.

Other columns in the template are filled with child items over or short; child items needed for each SKU and therefore different SKU are mentioned.


  1. I like to understand different applications of excel and to learn this downloading this template.

  2. I’m confused, it looks like a great spreadsheet but where do you actually download it?

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