Simple Gap Assessment Format Template

If you are interested in making the comparison, gap assessment process is required and to make it simple, templates are available for the purpose and their format is easily understood able as well. Advanced excel programs available for beginners and job holding persons are also added here so that you are able to select a one according to your field. Simple gap assessment format template always hold importance for the top management as better business strategies and project management tools can be selected, which brings along improvement in processes.

Lot of effort and time is required sometime to look for the factors which have result in lower profit or lower productivity volume and due to negligence and ignorance of information; this is often left unsolved in many organizations and companies. To reduce effort and help analyze business owners the areas of improvement, gap assessment is preferred.

Features of Simple Gap Assessment Format Template


If you are interested in improving performance of your employees, you are required to understand the format of this template and brings along changes if required or to make it more functional.

  • Description of target: there is always some target or objective given to the workers or to the project manager. This target is mentioned by the client or is expected by him as calculated on his previous projects. Once you are aware of the requirements, they must be written down in template prepared for the gap assessment, once added check it out again to prevent any missing any important key indicator.
  • Identify resources and future: most of the resources available in companies are limited or there are cost implications therefore you must mention all this details in this sheet. The future of the project is dependent on the processes carried out to achieve the strategic goal or on the use of resources.
  • Gaps identified: gap assessment is possible by adding the column in the table for gaps identified. The gap is simply the difference between the targeted work volume and actual production volume. If there is change seen in both columns gap do exist and if both columns are showing the same figures, this mean no gap exists.
  • Negative/positive: once any gap is seen, it is important that you must be able to record it down in form of positive or negative gap. Positive gap is good for the company and you might identify reason behind it for bringing improvement in other processes as well.

How to make useful gap assessment Format

  • Use different color headings for all the columns as to differentiate each factor easily.
  • Positive gap can be shown with green color, while negative can be shown with orange color.
  • Add red color for major gap.

Simple Gap analysis assessment excel template free download Format

You are now able to use the template free of cost, therefore you can now design strategies for improvement of the company without spending a single penny. Just look for the suitable template and click on it to start download. Once completed keep it in updated form for maximum benefit.