Best Project To-Do List Template Excel

In both routine lives, either domestic or professional, the Project To-Do List Template in Excel is very helpful especially when you have to do multiple tasks within a certain time limit.

Excel list template you can create smartly configure and well organize lists in which you can add all the tasks for a daily basis or weekly or monthly basis comprising both your long and short term goals.

Project To-Do List

Instead of manually listing things on paper or digitally templates are quite effective as you don’t have to set a draft and other layout formalities yourself.

Moreover, there is s range of other advanced features that can help you pile up all your workload in an organized form so that you don’t miss out on anything.

To-do list Templates are verily available in different designs and layouts and you can also create them yourself using plain Excel spreadsheets. They are quite easy to use.

You can make categories of tasks, list them randomly, order wise and also a timeline to keep tracking the timing of tasks. All these features help you with boosting your work performance with precise and accurate outcomes.

Elements of Project  To-Do List Spreadsheet

As far as the format of To-Do List is concerned, you can’t specify one single note for it. There can be multiple orders and arrangements of tasks that you can follow base on your needs and professional requirements.

In the case of project tasks, you can make categories of various activities; devise them for relevant departments or individual employees. However, if creating lists for domestic tasks; you can list them down randomly.

We are listing a couple of important features regarding the most common layout which may be turn complex with other utilities. Take a look at the points listed below here;


To Do List Template Spreadsheet Excel

  1. Write down the name of the company on the main title position in case of professional lists
  2. Write down the name of a person to specify tasks in case of domestic lists
  3. Draw a column on the leftmost side and write down serial numbers for activities
  4. In the case of professional lists, make required categories and their particular sections
  5. After listing all your tasks in their order of occurrence, you can draw the column of time
  6. In this column, either write down starting or ending time, duration, or expected deadlines to meet targets
  7. These are some primary features of the basic list drafts.

Action Plan To-Do List Template

Choosing the right project excel template is dependent on the number of factors as well as the size of the company and action plan prepared for it as it shows upcoming actions in the list.

To-do list action plan template excel is helpful for professionals like project managers and when used for personal use, they are usually required by most senior persons in the family.

To-do lists that are prepared with all the required fields help to create perfect plans as well. Getting success in the exams or projects does not only require hardworking, in fact, but it also requires proper plans and actions for priority as well.

If you are unaware of the areas which are weak, you are unable to prepare plans for them and if you are acting on any action without a proper guide, chaos is common.

Excel Action List

Instead of creating lists every second day, manually on paper or digital sheets, you can go for a smarter approach. Acquire an Excel to-do list first hand and customize them according to your needs.

In these lists, you can add automatic functions to calculate and assess the time of tasks, duration of tasks, and work efficiency. Also, you can use various font styles and colors to distinguish between activities.

How to Use a To-Do List Excel Template

Here are 5 steps to use a To-do list for project management:

  1. In this step, there is project task details are needed i.e; task list, name, and person who is assigned to work on it. You can add instructions for that specific task.
  2. The second step involves the evaluation of task execution time. Basically, in this step, we set starting time and ending time. That shows how much time a task will take to complete.
  3. In the third step first, we determine task time and then set project task end time. With this due date employee that is working on this task gets a better understanding of task deadline. And execution process fast.
  4. In fourth step, the percentage meter shows how much a task is completed or how many tasks have been completed or pending.
  5. In the last step, there is the section in which you can make notes and arise issues regarding tasks that help project managers to make decisions. Project management also leaves notes for employees and instructions for tasks.

This template allows you to set filters and setting parameters for your task management.

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